Leave the common areas (toilets, showers, washing-up facilities and barbecue areas) in the same condition as you wish to find them. Please remove your shoes when using the toilet. Please be aware that the hot water may run out temporarily at times when many people are showering and washing up at the same time. Dogs are not allowed in the service buildings. Smoking or drinking alcohol is also not allowed inside the buildings. Please help us to keep the campsite clean and litter free. Trash is disposed of in the bins set up at the yellow service building. Food waste is placed in special paper bags, empty bags are collected in a special container next to the bins. Newspapers, paper packaging, plastic packaging, coloured glass, uncoloured glass, metal, batteries and residual waste are disposed of in the respective containers. Please place deposit cans in a separate container. The campsite only handles household waste. For other waste and hazardous waste, please refer to the waste disposal facility in Mörrum. Please follow the local instructions for sorting waste, which are posted next to the waste bins. Guests who fail to comply with these rules risk immediate dismissal.