Good to know


You book and pay for your place via As our camping pitches vary in size, it is your responsibility to ensure that the pitch is large enough for your vehicle. The pitch dimensions given include a safety distance of up to 4 metres from the neighbour.

Pay on arrival

If you have not pre-booked, you can pay on arrival at Ljuvadal. As this is a drop-in campsite with no reception, you will have to find a free place yourself. When you arrive, you park below the entrance and then choose a free place in our payment system Feel free to walk around and see where you want to stay before you choose a place in the payment system. For everyone's peace of mind, we want as little driving as possible within the camping area.

Drinking water

The drinking water is from our own property. We ask you to be economical with washing up and showering so that there is enough for everyone.
Fluoride occurs naturally in the bedrock of the area. According to the Swedish Food Administration's guideline values for drinking water, the drinking water is deemed fit for human consumption with a remark due to the risk of tooth enamel stains (fluorosis) with long-term consumption. If you want fluoride-filtered water, it is available in a special tap at the back of the yellow service building.

Hot water

At the yellow service building, hot water is available for dishes in a special tap. The amount of hot water is limited, please be careful to conserve water. Hot water may temporarily run out at times when many people are showering and washing up at the same time.

Grey water and latrine emptying

Grey water must be stored in closed containers. Grey water and latrine containers are emptied in separate bins behind the brown plank diagonally opposite the yellow service building. Fixed tanks for grey water are emptied at the same place along the road, see signs.

Games and play

Help your children choose a play area so that they do not disturb others. There is plenty of space in the forest—feel free to play there!


At the campground, there is WiFi with limited coverage.


Information on how to be a good nature friend is available at