Experiences for you

Ljuvadal offers experiences for both body and soul. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity and find your place for contemplation and recovery. You can also discover our lovely surroundings of lake and forest with desire and curiosity. We charge for some of the experiences, but most of them are free.

Upplevelser som Braxaleden på Ljuvadal

Hiking in the Braxa Trail

Our own Braxaled takes you along the Uggleboda lake and around the green, beautiful oak forest. The trail is available in different routes with a length of 1-2 km.  See map of Braxaleden.If you want to hike longer distances we recommend Halen outdoor area or The salmon trail along the Mörrum river.

Yoga tillfällen


On Tuesdays you are welcome to join us for yoga. The yoga is held by Barbro at Qibo Heladej. Information about registration, prices and current times can be found at Facebook @qiboheladej. If you don't have a yoga mat, there are some to borrow. Instructions can also be given in English.

Upplevelser som roddbåt och fiske i direkt anslutning

Rowing and fishing

With one of our rowing boats you can enjoy the tranquillity of Lake Uggleboda. The boats are located at the bathing area. Bring your own life jacket. Bring a fishing rod if you want to try your luck at fishing. Access to the boats is included in the price for those who have paid for at least one night. If you visit Ljuvadal for the day only, you pay 40 SEK/hour via Swish or our digital shop.

Cykla på Sverigeleden

Experience the surroundings by bike

Bring your bike and turn out onto the Sverigeleden (sweden bike trail), which goes right past Ljuvadal. Sverigeleden will take you to Svängsta or Bromölla, where you can link up with Sydostleden (southeast trail) for a round trip. If you don't want to cycle that far, you can instead take a detour on one of the many back roads and explore the local area.
See Sweden bike trail

Njut av upplevelser som den lugna miljön och skogsbad

Enjoy the peace and quiet of the forest

At the Braxahallen and at the lookout, which you will find along the Braxaleden, we have prepared benches for those who want to stop and enjoy the feeling of just being for a while. Here you can experience the stillness, the amazing feeling of being in the middle of the forest and connect with nature through all your senses. Go ahead and take a forest bath!

Njut av glass och drycker i grillkåtan

Enjoy an ice cream

In our ice cream stall, located at the back of the grill hut, we sell locally produced and organic ice cream from Engelholmsglass.
On www.engelholmsglass.se you will find information about ingredients and allergens. In the ice cream shop you will also find chilled drinks, biscuits and other goodies. The shop is open from 10am to 8pm and you can pay easily with Swish or via our digital shop.

Upplev den härliga lantmiljön och skogen runt omkring

Play in the forest

The forest invites you to play imaginative games and practice your motor skills. In our play area you can build your own hut out of branches or make your own cone animals to play with.

Njut och upplev ett härligt dopp i Ugglebodasjön


Let the Uggleboda Lake offer you a refreshing swim! You can swim at the bathing area, where there is also a small sandy beach, or from one of our two jetties.

Fascineras av naturen, en oförglömlig upplevelse

Fascinated by nature

At our butterfly bed you can be fascinated by butterflies, flowers and bees. In the forest you can watch birds and listen to birdsong. You can also visit one of the many Nature reserves in Blekinge.

Hundrundan en aktivitetsstig för hundar på Ljuvadal camping

Dog walk

The dog run at Ljuvadal - an activity trail where you can playfully train your dog in lovely surroundings. Information boards along the Braxaleden trail will give you tips and ideas on exercises for your dog that are suitable for that particular location. Each station also has a QR code that you can scan to see a short instructional video for each activity. The dog walk is approximately 1.3 km.

The dog walk is a collaboration between Hundiosen, Team4tassar and Ljuvadal Camping & Experiences.

Skåda älg i Ljuvadal skogarna

See moose?

Moose thrive in the forest around Ljuvadal as there are plenty of pine, oak and blueberry bushes, which are the moose's favourite food. As moose are shy animals, we cannot guarantee that you will see them. If you are observant when walking in the forest, you can certainly see the tracks; hoofprints in the ground, grazed tops of small pines and oaks and perhaps most clearly - moose droppings.

Välj en bok i biblioteket

Read a book

In our exchange library you can take a book or two, free of charge. Read, take home or return. Please leave your readed book back, so someone else can enjoy it! You'll find the exchange library at the back of the yellow service building.


Nässelfrossa - cultural week 25/6-2/7

Nässelfrossa is the cultural week in the Olofström area, which, like the nettle, teases and burns but is also nutritious and healthy. There are lots of events such as music, painting, local history, walks and much more. The full programme can be found at www.nasselfrossa.se. Events here at Ljuvadal during Nässelfrossa can also be found on our Facebook page, @Ljuvadal.